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A small update for Hip-Hop Saturday with Larissa

We hope this message finds you well. We'd like to inform you about a slight adjustment in the schedule for our Hip-Hop Saturdays with Larissa.

At our school, the quality of our dance classes is of utmost importance. We noticed that last Saturday we had an influx of new students. To ensure that every student receives the attention they deserve but even more important we want everyone to be able to give his/her best , to be challenged. Last Saturday we had 3 different levels but only 2 different classes. We've decided to add another class to our schedule just before. Additionally, there has been a minor adjustment to the timing, which we've highlighted in green for your convenience. The change we made is to provide you the best quality. We are sorry if it means a different time of course for you , but surely you will like the result.

The class at 11.00 will allow to work harder on the older group, they will be more challenged.

Given our commitment to providing the best learning environment, and the fact that the hip-hop class on Saturday was fully booked, this new class has been introduced.

As a token of our appreciation for your understanding and continued trust in us, if your child attended the class last Saturday, they are welcome to attend the upcoming class at no cost for a new trial.

Thank you for being a part of our dance community. We look forward to seeing your child on the dance floor!

Warm regards,

Linden Kevin

Team RS dance

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