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Our Fitness Partner,
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Who are our services for?


Are you tired of gyms where you are on your own?

You are motivated, but you don't know where to start, which exercise is good for you, which is bad?

Are you afraid of hurting yourself, or maybe you already feel discomfort during certain movements?

Would you like to be better supervised? 

Do you find Fitness boring? 

Then our concept is made for you!

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Our concept:

We offer individual or shared coaching (group coaching) with different training programs for each class to make each session a unique experience.


Classes have a limited number of participants, which allows optimal monitoring of everyone, to ensure the correct execution of each movement.


The risk of injury is thus greatly reduced, and, if necessary, healing techniques based on Trigger points can be put in place.

Our methods:

We believe that the more varied the approaches, the better the results.


Among the techniques: Crossfit, Calisthenics, TRX, Bosu, Kettelbell, Sandbell, and many others…


Where more and more bodybuilding machines are recognized to be harmful to the proper functioning of the body, Functional training, the current trend of which comes from precursor countries in terms of Fitness (USA, Canada, and Australia) will make you stronger. and more resistant in everyday life. 


Functional training aims to make your body your best tool. 


You will be stronger, faster, more explosive, better balanced, more enduring, and will be able to say goodbye to your backaches and other pains.

Image by Jon Ly

Our Coaches:

No more danger of being confronted with unqualified coaches, each of our coaches is a coach certified by several diplomas, continuous training and  benefits from the experience and know-how of a full-time professional coach.

Image by Guillaume Bolduc
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