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The outfits

Hello everyone, this year there is something new, and I'm not talking about the many courses that we have added to the schedule.

As some of you may know, it was planned before covid to create a uniform for the different dance classes.

It took us some time to find a store that offers low prices and quality.

With Vita (to help determine the most suitable quality and type of clothing) we have selected leotards whose straps are adaptable so that they can be kept longer despite growth.

The outfits will be available in 4 colors according to age. This will be for jazz, ballet, contemporary and gymnastics. not for hip hop or afro.

We will communicate the details very soon. The sale price will be the same as that of the store, it is not a commercial operation, simply to create the esprit de corps and the standardization necessary to be a great dance school.

We will organize fittings at our premises on dates to be established soon.

We recommend that you do not purchase an outfit before class begins.

If you already have one, that won't be a problem (as long as it's a matching uniform).

We will publish additional information very soon.

Thanks for reading

The rs team dance

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